Is eating a contaminated food the only way to contract food borne disease?

I was eating with a group, I was the only one who got sick. Can I say that the food was the source of my illness?

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No. Wiped out individuals can likewise pass certain diseases to solid individuals when somebody handles or serves sustenance without washing their hands completely in the wake of utilizing the lavatory. This alleged fecal-oral transmission can likewise happen when water utilized for drinking or for washing produce and additionally dishes is tainted with defecation.

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Situations that are high-chance for this sort of transmission include: day cares, doctor’s facilities, nursing homes, and eateries. Great cleanliness practices ought to be taken after. Wiped out and recuperating individuals should remain at home to maintain a strategic distance from the spread of foodborne ailment. Individuals who are sick and have diarrheal mischances in group pools or nearby lakes can do likewise. There is even potential for winding up sick at petting zoos and fairs through contact with creatures, for example, reptiles and winged animals that are bearers of specific pathogens.

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