RE: Would a Woman President make better healthcare Policies for Americans?

Women are by nature instinctively more caring then most men. Women make most health care decisions for themselves and their families through life. Research shows women as“Chief Medical Officer” for their families and others they care for. They are deciding which medicines to take, health treatments to follow and doctors to see, and how to live a healthy lifestyle. They have made great  academic achievements and  contributions in leading  healthcare organizations. But will they be given an opportunity to make Policies to  improve the Nation’s health?

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Trump has embraced two policy areas with major implications for women: abortion and help for working families. On reproductive rights he supports traditional Republican policies to restrict the availability of abortion. However, his promises regarding child care and family leave chart new territory for Republican candidates and policymakers. The small contingent of GOP women in Congress could play an important role in shaping Trump’s policies on women’s issues and selling his proposals to the public.

Answered on June 7, 2017.
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